Cool games for your phone and tablet


penguinRunFGIf you are spending time searching for the next cool game to play on your phone or tablet then we have the answer for you. Penguin Run is a cartoon game developed by Universal games that is free to play for anyone through the google play store. The animations are slick and the interface is so smooth that the game can be played for hours on end. Immerse yourself in the snowy mountains and backgrounds and collect gold fish.

The better you are the better chance you have of unlocking colourful penguins. You can check out your score and compare in global rankings around the world and strive to be the best. This game is like we said free to play and it is a real treat for any child or adult. Help the cute little penguin find food and avoid obstacles like ice cons and snow balls. The background music is a soothing orchestral rendition and will add to the immersive experience in any relaxed setting. You won’t even annoy the person next to you when you play the game on a plane for hours on end.

The game has been optimized for any android tablets and the developers have schedules a number of updates too. The leader board is really challenging and the reviews are all raves. More than 10000 people have downloaded the game and close to a thousand people have left feedback about their amazing experiences on the app’s page itself. Head over and play Penguin Run today.

Download from google play store.

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