Creating amazing gaming apps


When you look at the success of gaming apps like Pokémon go and angry birds, it might inspire you to create something on your own. Well there are some basic steps you can follow to ensure you end up creating an amazing app.

Firstly, do you market research and don’t hold back. Most of the time your ideas might have already been implemented so look for similar apps but searching for what you think is applicable. You need to study the mechanics like animations and how the interface is, for other successful titles in the play store. A recurring theme is that simplicity is highly rewarded. Make sure you don’t have any copyright infringements.

Secondly, come the technical steps like outsourcing development. Remember if you are the only one coding, unless you are extremely talented, the process can take ages to complete so make sure you take advantage of help. Use wire framing and then try to implement coding yourself. Following which you need to register yourself as a developer. You need to build a community even before the game or app is launched. Get feedback through testing and hand out alpha and beta versions before you throw it out to the mass market.


Bus simulator racing is a classic example of all these steps done well. It’s a creative game with a multitude of scenarios where you ride around on a double decker bus collecting points and navigating obstacles. The graphics and background music are a treat to experience for any user. Download the game from the google play store.

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