Give Super Mario Bros a Chance


Everyone will agree that Super Mario is considered legendary in the video games industry. Most gamers will surely attest that Mario has been part of their gaming experience in one way or another.

The success of Super Mario Bros enables Nintendo, the creator of the game, to produce versions of the game in different platforms – from arcade to portable gaming devices. However, one of the most famous console brands has still yet to incorporate Nintendo’s Super Mario into their own. This console brand is Xbox, created and manufactured by Microsoft. Negotiations by both company heads have been on and off since the proposal. Gamers all over the world are demanding to make it possible, that is, to  make Super Mario Bros Xbox happen.


What’s in between Nintendo & Microsoft?

Nintendo and Microsoft are popular companies when it comes to video gaming. Alongside these two companies is Sony. The partnership between Nintendo and Microsoft has been on its peak lately, with Microsoft’s Minecraft being played on Nintendo’s Wii U. Microsoft Xbox’s head, Phil Spencer, even mentioned that he is pleased to work with Nintendo. There have been several ups and downs with the relationship of both companies especially in obtaining the GoldenEye license.  Nonetheless, Spencer stated that his company is very much open to integrate Xbox with Nintendo games since many of the Nintendo games like Super Mario and Pokemon are being generated for several systems such as IOS. The loud negotiation between the companies regarding the possibility of Super Mario Bros or other mario games for xbox 360 is causing hype and excitement for the gaming world.


When will it happen?

Spencer is very open about his views that Nintendo is a “strong” first party. He stated that the enjoyment and creative excitement brought by a Nintendo game is priceless – he would love to see that in Super Mario Bros Xbox version. He also expressed his appreciation, stating that he is a huge fan of Nintendo’s work, that they have been successful in pleasing the younger audience, and that they are very important in the gaming industry.  Gamers all over the world, are buzzed about the possibility that the collaboration will happen soon. If this happens, Nintendo and Xbox lovers will be jumping in delight. It may be a long shot for now, but they are excited for Super Mario Bros Xbox.


Super Mario Bros on Xbox One!

Xbox One is the latest installment in the Xbox family, succeeding Xbox 360. It was released in 2013 as part of the eight generation video game consoles alongside Nintendo’s Wii U and Sony’s PlayStation 4. Xbox One is known to be an “all-in-one entertainment system” and has greatly received good reviews for its multimedia feature, voice navigation, improved motion-tracking accuracy, and controller design. The outstanding performance of Xbox One is the main reason why Super Mario Bros Xbox has been ringing for the past couple of months. Fans mentioned that both companies have done it before with Minecraft, so they can do it again with Super Mario Bros.

On December 2016, Nintendo released Super Mario Bros on iOS. Shigery Miyamoto, a Nintendo game designer, stated that iOS will be able to cater to Super Mario Bros with a stable platform. They did get the level of response that they want. With its success, they also initiated their partnership with Android. Nintendo has partnered with different companies for Super Mario and it is obvious that Microsoft is interested to widen their partnership to accommodate the demand of their audience.  Nintendo should show that Super Mario Bros Xbox is not just a remote possibility, for many gamers worldwide demand that it happen soon.



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